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Big Lake W14 Location Edmonton, AB Timeline 2012-2013 Construction Methods Microtunneling Scope The project involved the installation of nearly 2.3 km of sanitary sewer at a below grade depth ranging from 3.5-10m in an area home to 27,000 residents. 5 ...

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Tunnels, Bores & Drilling | BT Construction

Tunnels, Bores & Drilling In recent years, trenchless technology has moved to the forefront of utility construction. BTC's wide reaching trenchless capabilities include Auger bores, Pipe Ramming, Sliplining, Pipe Bursting, Pipe Jacking-Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM ...

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LBA's A-Z compendium - an expert's tunnelling glossary

D Data Logger – Dumpy level Data logger Device used to electronically record data, such as geotechnical, noise, survey or vibration data. Disc cutter A wheel-like cutting tool on the front of a tunnelling machine which rotates and pushes onto the rock face as the ...

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Microtunnel Boring Machine(MTBM) Systems | Slurry Microtunneling | Micro-Tunnelling | Akkerman

Microtunnel Boring Machine Systems, MTBM, Slurry Microtunneling, Micro-Tunnelling ... OVERVIEW Microtunnel Boring Machines (MTBMs) install gravity flow pipelines that require precise line and grade in poor soil. Microtunneling is a remote-controlled ...

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Microtunnel Boring Machine (MTBM) Systems | Slurry Microtunneling | Micro-Tunnelling | Akkerman

SL30C, SL34C, SL36C MTBM 30, 34, 36-in. Center drive Microtunnel Boring Machines (MTBMs) accurately install pipe in virtually any ground condition, and especially in high levels of ground water. MTBMs feature high pressure jetting nozzles, an articulated ...

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